On time to our yearly “meeting” with the hotel market, we presented ITALCAR’s electric golf cars at XENIA 2022.

The hotel equipment exhibition XENIA 2022 took place with a large attendance, on November 26-28. After a successful tourist season, the interest from hotels is increased and the market trend is very optimistic.

ECOMOTIVE presented ITALCAR’s electric vehicles for private areas use. ITALCAR has a full range of electric vehicles that cover all passenger and cargo transportation needs of a modern hotel.

XENIA 2022 B XENIA 2022 C


During XENIA 2022 we had the opportunity to present the new models of the ATTIVA .6 series with a closed box for transporting materials, food and room service. With a simple or isothermal cargo box, these vehicles offer solutions for transport within the hotel, quietly, ecologically and economically.

ITALCAR also introduced Lithium batteries in its electric vehicles. All vehicles will now be available with a choice between lead acid or Lithium 100 and 200Ah batteries. Lithium batteries offer ease of use, long life, less weight and are definitely the future in the energy source of vehicles. The 6-seater ATTIVA 6L.6 presented had 200Ah Lithium batteries that ensure a real range of 130 km on a single charge.

Finally, the new control panel was presented, it will be in the standard equipment of ATTIVA .6 vehicles from February 2023. It is a new touch panel, with a lot of necessary information for the driver, but also a menu with information on vehicle maintenance .

At the XENIA show we had the support of ITALCAR general manager Luca Bernardi and technical director Massimo Versino. Our stand was visited and supported by several of our dealers from all over Greece. ECOMOTIVE supports ITALCAR customers throughout Greece through specialized local sales and service dealers.

We would like to thank all our customers and dealers, see you at XENIA 2023…