29 Nov 2019


Impress your customers with ITALCAR electric vehicles for hotels.

With the full range of ITALCAR electric vehicles, internal transportation in the hotel is no more a problem.
ITALCAR electric vehicles are silent, environmentally friendly, comfortable, efficient and economical. Their use is an advantage for the hotel, because it focus to its ecological and modern character.


Transfer of customers with or without their luggage inside the hotel becomes an advantage. From the reception area or the parking area, customers board an electric vehicle and disembark outside their accommodation. Without having to walk long or uphill routes, without having to carry their luggage as they will be loaded in the special loading area of ​​ITALCAR electric vehicles.
The transportation of customers by electric vehicles contributes significantly to making the hotel friendlier to all its customers. The elderly, young children, people in need will be easily transported to their destination.
Especially for resorts with long internal routes, customers are transported to the beach, the pool, the restaurants quickly and comfortably. At the same time they enjoy the route inside the hotel, since the ITALCAR electric vehicles move safely, are quiet and ecological.
The electric vehicles for ITALCAR hotels can carry from 2 to 14 passengers with their luggage.


All housekeeping work inside the hotel can be done with ITALCAR electric vehicles for hotels. The transportation of linen and room equipment, of appliances and cleaning materials, the transport of tools, etc. are done quietly and easily with electric vehicles that have an open or closed loading area.
Roomervice including food, beverages and ready meals is done with the special roomservice electric vehicles. ITALCAR has vehicles with a special closed isothermal food transport area. These vehicles are HACCP certified for food transport. The transport area has a special internal configuration for serving discs or the configuration is adapted to the needs of each ITALCAR customer. With roomservice vehicles, the internal transport of cold or hot food, raw materials, drinks and soft drinks is done without them losing their proper temperature


A large number of internal works can be done using ITALCAR electric vehicles for hotels. Transportation of materials, use from maintenance personnel, gardeners and their equipment. Garbage transportation, site inspection and security, collection and distribution and many other tasks can be done easily and silently.

ITALCAR electric vehicles for hotels will provide solutions to many needs of a modern hotel. They are completely silent, they can move at all hours without disturbing customers.
They are suitable even for hotel areas with a large slope (up to 30%) thanks to the powerful engine, the excellent speed controller (controller) and the factory “short differential”.
Equipped with 3-position LED lights and daytime running lights. They are visible when moving during the day and fully functional at night.
Economical and simple in their operation and maintenance. They are effectively supported with a very low cost of use (about 1 euro per charge for 60-80 Km) and maintenance.

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