24 Oct 2019


ITALCAR is constantly improving its electric vehicles and presents the new ATTIVA.6.

The ATTIVA.6 series is available in the Greek market since April 2019 and the main improvements concern the new design of the front grille and the vehicle lights. The new ATTIVA.6 now features LED front and rear lights with DRL (Daytime Running Lights) function

The LED front lights have 3 functions: Parking lights, low beam and high beam. The new ITALCARs can be fully operational overnight, increasing productivity and serving needs 24 hours a day.

With the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) daylight system, the new ITALCARs are more visible and safer in daytime operation. In high-traffic areas, they move safely for passengers and other users, using also turning lights a warning sound signal in the rear motion.


  • Powerful electric motors MAHLE LETRIKA – AC technology in most vehicles, maximum performance, maintenance free, noiseless, with REGEN technology for energy recovery.
  • Selection of dynamic (SPORT) / economic (ECO) driving mode.
  • Option of factory short differential for climbing ability of 30% with full load.
  • Powerful SEVCON speed controller, extremely reliable, for smooth management of vehicle performance and battery power.
  • Safety with 4 hydraulic brakes on all wheels, 2 independent hydraulic circuits. Front disc brakes, rear drum and independent parking brake.
  • High capacity US BATTERY batteries that ensure the autonomy of the vehicle with each charge.
  • On-board automatic charger with equalizing function of all battery cells.
  • Safety in operation, with LED front and rear lights with DRL function (daytime running lights) and 3 beam functions of front headlights.
  • Zero emission, silent drive and economy in use with estimated cost of use 1,00 € / 60km.
  • Factory solutions for customers’ needs, boxes for transporting housekeeping materials, certified isothermal boxes for transporting food room service, protective tents for passengers.
  • Economy in maintenance due to simple mechanical and electrical parts of the vehicle.
  • Complete equipment with digital display panel.

You can see here the full range of new ITALCAR ATTIVA.6 vehicles and at ITALCAR’s website.

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