ITALCAR electric vehicles
are ideal for use in:

  • Transport of passengers and cargo within tourist areas, hotels, resorts, parks, archaeological sites.
  • Stations, airports, industrial sites, marinas, hospitals, sports facilities for transporting staff & visitors.
  • Internal transfers in areas that require zero emissions and noiseless movement with easy to use small dimensions flexible electric vehicles.
  • With the special range of public use vehicles for transportation inside historic city centers, deliveries & distributions, policing.

of ITALCAR electric vehicles:


ITALCAR has developed a very powerful & reliable vehicle power-train (Lithium batteries, motor, electronic control unit). The most suitable suppliers have been selected for all power units, ensuring reliability, support and constantly evolving technology.

  • Strong MAHLE LETRIKA – AC electric motors with maximum performance & high torque, maintenance free, noiseless, with REGEN technology for energy recovery during braking.
  • Powerful controller SEVCON GEN4 450A, highly reliable, for smooth management of vehicle performance and battery power. It gives the driver the option to select between a dynamic (SPORT) or economic (ECO) driving modes.
  • 2 battery type options, ZENITH Lithium batteries or USBATTERY lead-acid batteries, which give a long range of up to 130km.
  • Factory mounted “short” final gear differential for 30% climbing ability with full load.


ITALCAR vehicles are designed to provide safety and a high level of comfort to the driver and their passengers.

  • Safety with 4 hydraulic brakes on all wheels, 2 independent hydraulic circuits. Front disc brakes, rear drum & independent parking brake.
  • Braking assistance from the electric motor with REGEN energy recovery system.
  • Front and rear LED lights with DRL function (daytime running lights) function and 3 headlight beams. Clearly visible during the day and fully functional in night mode.
  • Seats that ensure easy access to all passengers and travel comfort.
  • New touch panel with motion, battery, technical and diagnostic indicators, for full control of the vehicle.


  • Zero emissions & noiseless when driving, the vehicles perform without disturbing and they do not burden the environment in which they operate.
  • Factory mounted custom made solutions for customers’ needs, boxes for transporting housekeeping materials, certified isothermal boxes for room service food transportation, protective tents for passengers.
  • Economy in use & maintenance due to simple mechanical and electrical parts of the vehicles.
  • On-board automatic charger, charging takes place in a simple 230V socket outlet.

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