ITALCAR ATTIVA 2L.6 – Ideal for transporting large loads. 2-seater electric vehicle with large open aluminum loading area for transporting loads


Reliability & performance – MAHLE-LETRICA AC motor of maximum power 12.8HP with REGEN energy recovery system. Powerful 450A SEVCON speed controller for smooth management of vehicle movement and battery power.


Safety & & ergonomics – Hydraulic brakes on 4 wheels, dual hydraulic circuit, front disc brakes & separate handbrake. Front & rear LED lights with DRL (daytime running lights) function, visible during the day and fully functional at night.


Real autonomy – High capacity 232Ah USBATTERY batteries made in USA for real range up to 80 km on a single charge.

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  • Open aluminum cargo area 1,83m
  • Front and rear LED lights with DRL system (Day Running Lights)
  • ECO or SPORT driving mode
  • Factory mounted short final gear differential for climbing ability up to 30%
  • Digital control panel on dashboard
  • 2 USB ports on dashboard for charging mobile devices
  • Side mirrors, front Plexiglas windshield
  • Turning lights, horn, reverse buzzer



  • Larger capacity batteries 251Ah for increased autonomy
  • Electric cargo lift
  • Passenger protection enclosure



  • Standard color WHITE
  • Other colors on request
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