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ITALCAR electric vehicles in XENIA 2021

The largest hotel equipment exhibition XENIA 2021 took place on November 27-29, 2021.

The XENIA exhibition returned after a 1 year absence due to pandemic conditions. The participation of visitors and exhibitors in XENIA 2021 was great, in relation to the conditions, the environment was very positive and there was a strong optimism of the tourism industry for better days and development in the new season.

ECOMOTIVE presented ITALCAR electric vehicles at its stand, which offer efficient solutions for the transport of passengers and cargo to hotels.

Visitors’ interest in ITALCAR electric vehicles was great.

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ITALCAR is a European manufacturer of electric vehicles. ITALCAR vehicles are adapted to European needs and specifications, are constantly improved and evolving following modern technology, European regulations and the growing needs of its customers. It is based in the industrial area of ​​Turin, Italy and geographically can cover direct shipments throughout Europe.

ITALCAR has a full range of vehicles for hotels, for passenger & luggage transport, housekeeping, cargo transport, food transport and room service.

ITALCAR electric vehicles are completely silent, they can move at all hours without disturbing customers. They are suitable for hotel areas with a high inclination, thanks to the powerful motor, the excellent speed controller and the factory installed “short differential”. Equipped with 3-position LED lights and daytime running lights. They are visible during movement during the day and fully functional at night. Economical and easy in their operation and maintenance. They have effective after sales support and low cost of use and maintenance.

ECOMOTIVE has exclusive activity the representation of ITALCAR vehicles in Greece. It is a company specialized in electric vehicles and has a network of partners to support ITALCAR customers.

Our next meeting is at XENIA 2022…